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A mobile service for searching beauty masters in your city in all categories. Our application allows you to find the nearest beauty masters or beauty salon, to select by reviews and rating the best of them, make an appointment online or by phone, make the payment for the services in various ways - in cash or by card.

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Search by location

The nearest beauty master search. Geolocation of the beauty master.

Easy to use

Simple and user-friendly interface with all necessary functions for efficient and quick work.

24/7 customer support

Maximum operational support at any time. Not a single request goes unnoticed.p>

Features and functions for the client in the application:

CUTIE application provides you with high-quality service for both the user and the wizards. We have many functions that you use in everyday life, which makes it easy and pleasant to order any service.

- Find the wizard of interest by category

- Find and see the profile of the wizard that is located near you by location

- Book and sign up online for the selected service

- Place an application for an individual service and receive offers from masters

- View and compare different offers from the masters

- Pay for the performed service in different ways: in cash, Visa, Mastercard or from the wallet balance of the application

- Conduct online correspondence with any master

- View a detailed profile of the Masters with their services, portfolio, reviews and rating

- Leave feedback and comments, rate the rating of the work done

- Add to favorites masters for future services

- Send an invitation to friends to receive a bonus reward in the application

We have created a unique application for you that will help you always remain beautiful and successful.


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Choose a quality search for the best beauty masters or salons with the CUTIE app

Beauty Masters and Salons of various categories with various services are presented in our app to reveal your beauty and femininity.

Our main categories:

-hair-cutting, coloring and styling




-nail treatments

facials and skin care treatments

-waxing and other forms of hair removal

-body treatments


CUTIE is a smart assistant that helps you book an appointment with the top professionals who will change your hairstyle or do a total makeover, take care of your nails, eyebrows and eyelashes, and make your body, face and skin fresh and silky. Discover the rate of a beauty specialist or salon near your home or office.

For a balanced choice of the master, you can study the profile with its qualifications, services, works, gallery and reviews of previous customers. The right choice will save your time and guarantee your satisfaction of the service!

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